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Duck with Grapefruit

That’s the Grapefruit there. I took the peel off and took out six segments to use as a garnish. The rest was squeezed for all it’s juice into a pan and some sugar and honey added  to sweeten it up. I kept tasting to make sure the grapefruit flavour was still coming through.


As per usual I scored the skin of the duck and then pressed some crushed mixed peppercorns into the skin and fried the duck skin side down for 2 minutes without any oil, as the skin will release loads of fat. I then turned the duck over and put the pan into a hot oven for 10 minutes. I possibly could have put it in for less time as these were smaller breasts than I’m used to but they were still lovely and moist but not pink.





I made a celeriac mash to go with the duck which was made up of half celeriac and half potato mashed together with butter and a little milk and some seasoning to taste.


The grapefruit sauce was heated up and reduced a little.

I added a little cornflour and water to bulk it up again

I then coated the saved grapefruit segments in sugar and lightly fried them

I used broccoli as my veg of choice and I was now ready to serve





The winner for me was that Carol who doesn’t like grapefruit, really enjoyed this and I must say it was really nice. There was enough sweetness to take the edge off the grapefruit but still retained a sharpness to go with the duck


As my freezer is now bulging with various meat and fish, expect some more posts sooner rather than later. One a particularly festive one that Rudolph wouldn’t approve of!

And from the sublime I will now go and make a peanut butter and cheese butty for dinner.


Kangaroo with Thai Style Salad

Imagine my glee when I saw Lidl had Kangaroo on offer this week. I just had to have some. But what to do with it? I thought of sauces like a port or red wine sauce, chips or roasts or even rosti, but in the end I thought I’d give the kangaroo a chance to shine through and thought of something an Australian might have with it.

Not being an expert on Ausralian food but I do know that the South Eastern Asian thing is quite big there, and having watched so many Rick Stein programmes where he knocks up a dipping sauce or a dressing, I thought I’d do the same. And, I had everything already in my cupboards and fridge.

First I had to defrost the kangaroo which cost £3.99 for 300g. Not bad.

I then made up a dressing which consisted of

2 Limes, juice only
Fish Sauce, about half as much as the Lime Juice
Bird eye Chillis, I used 3, it was hot!
Sugar, Really you should use palm sugar but I only had demarrera and used 3 teaspoons.

I chopped the chillis finely and added them to the rest of the ingredients and then stirred till the sugar was disolved and let it marinade together for 20 minutes.

I then finely shredded a small red onion and added the dressing to it in a tub and let it sit again. I wanted the taste to infuse into the onion.

Now just make a normal salad, I used radish  cucumber tomato  and lettuce, all of which, apart from the lettuce, I again finely chopped.

I put the salad into a bowl and added the dressing and kept a little salad and dressing back to top off the kangaroo when I cooked it.

The kangaroo was just plainly seasoned with salt and pepper and fried for about 3 minutes each side. This left it gorgeously pink in the middle. I let it rest for a few minutes and then sliced it up and added to the salad and topped it with the rest of the salad and dressing.

I must say that it was all soooo goood. Carol was really struggling with the heat of the chilli, but as it was so nice, you couldn’t stop eating. The kangaroo was lovely and tender, not quite as tender as rump steak but the flavour was somewhere between beef and venison.
I would definately make that salad dressing again.
So with a hop, skip and a jump, I’m off to get some more Kangaroo.

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