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Stuffed Prunes

The missus, (I think we’ll call her Carol from now on) came back from the local garage with two packets of prunes reduced to 10p.  Ooh, Tagine or stuffed pork I thought. Well that is still a possibility, but as I had a goat’s cheese festering away in the fridge and my co blogger Frank was coming round, I thought I’d carry on the goats cheese challenge we set each other.

So stuffed prunes it was to be. So each prune had a pocket where the stone used to be and into each cavity I inserted a little goats cheese.

I did this to about 30 or so prunes, It didn’t take that long. Also in my fridge was a packet of Serrano ham. I’d used it in the last couple of recipes and had a few slices left over, so I decided to wrap the little prunes with the ham.

These were all put onto a baking tray and cooked in a medium oven at 170C or so for about 5 minutes, that’s all it takes and they were ready.

Well, with a few drinkypoos inside us, they were a real treat and didn’t last that long in the dish. Frank, usually the most Gentlemanly of gentlemen even pounced on the last one as they were very moreish.

Now the verdict. If I were to do them again. I would swap the goats cheese for a punchy blue, like a Stilton or a Gorgonzola. Also instead of the Serrano ham, I would go for a good quality streaky bacon .

Well that’s the quickest post I’ve done so far, which gives me plenty of time to think about the rest of the prunes I have and how to use them. Watch this space


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Duck Breast with Blackcurrant Sauce and Mashed Potatoes

Well we’re moving away from water here, only slightly, leaving two legs in. Legs with webbed feet on though.
It’s one of those frozen duck breasts from Lidl. Yes, those massive ones, so one breast is enough for two people.

First of all, I made a mash. This one was a bit different as I steeped the potato skins in the milk I was going to use for the mash itself.

This was to get more of the potato flavour into the mash. Normally I leave some of the skin on for the mash but as Archie was having some with his sausage and beans, I had peeled the spuds. I usually also add butter to the mash but this time I added an olive oil margarine instead with the milk and a little salt. You know what? It was just as nice without the butter.

Next I started on the blackcurrant sauce. Are blackcurrants in season yet? Well yes, but who cares when you’ve got a good quality blackcurrant jam to hand. After all, you need to add sugar to the blackcurrants in a sauce anyway and those good people at Mirabel do it for you.

So, in a small saucepan I put 4 tablespoons of jam, a good glug of red wine and about the same amount of chicken stock. I then reduced the liquid down till it was a nice saucy consistency, I added a bit more stock to taste and set it aside till I needed it.

In a frying pan I placed the duck skin side down which I had seasoned with a lot of black pepper and I had also scored the fat. There’s no need to add any oil as loads comes out of the duck as you can see from the picture.

I fried it for 7 minutes on the skin side and then for 4 minutes on the other side and then let it rest for a few minutes while I did the rest of the meal.

While the duck was frying I boiled some fine beans in salted water. I got a large bag of these from Lidl for just £1.29. I will blanch and freeze the rest. After the beans were cooked, I drained them and then tossed them in a frying pan with garlic, Serrano ham and butter. I heated up the sauce again and then sliced the duck breast. It was just right, very pink in the middle. I then plated the lot up.

As you can probably now tell, I love a sauce. I may in the future just add recipes like “Some meat with insert weird ingredient Sauce

This was eaten with great delight along with a nice glass of shiraz.

It set me up nicely to thrash Archie on 18 holes at Sawgrass on Tiger Woods for the Wii.