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Banqueting for Beginners

bruschetta and palmiers

A Full English Breakfast Brushetta – featuring dehydrated tomatoes, rounds of sausage, black pudding and omelette… served on a slice of toasted ciabatta that had been liberally smeared with Bacon Jam! Also, a very powerful garlic and anchovy palmier… which was not a dish for the shy palate!

dead things

As with any complicated dinner parties, there are occasional setbacks… this didn’t really work, but at least this pic of it was quite arty.

Pitta 'n stuff

Salmon and Samphire Risotto

Grilled salmon served on a bed of risotto and topped with blanched samphire.

stuffed shrooms

Stuffed mushrooms served with a very artistically placed piece of tomato.

Spiced pork belly

Hot and spicy pork belly, coated in a dry rub and then roasted in the oven.

Nolwenn's 'dessert Bretagne'

A ‘Far Breton’ – courtesy of the lovely Nolwenn – part of the dessert trio.

with chocolate fudge and coconut sorbet

Well, chocolate and ice cream (or was it a sorbet?) – doesn’t get much better than this.

Salmon & Scallops with Pecorino and Lemon Risotto and Pea Purée

“What to do for tea tonight?” That was going round my head all afternoon. I didn’t have anything in specifically and I had no inspiration.

Then a rummage through my freezer unearthed the last of the Scallops my friend brought round and also the last of the Salmon side I had portioned up a few months back.

Then it hit me.

Last week I had bought some Arborio rice from Lidl. This is not a line they usually do. And also in the same shopping trip, I had bought some Pecorino cheese. Pecorino is the sheep’s version of Parmesan. I had a portion of frozen peas left and some lemons in the fridge. “It’s all there.” I thought.

Tea sorted!

I defrosted the Scallops and a large amount of liquid came off them so as not to waste anything this was the first liquid added to the rice.

To make a Risotto, first gently fry some finely chopped onion or shallot and a clove of garlic. Then fry the rice as well till it goes slightly translucent, then you can start adding your liquid. As I said the scallop juice went in first, followed by my home-made chicken stock.

Keep adding the stock and keep stirring – it releases the starch which makes your risotto creamy. Near the end of the cooking add a good handful of the cheese and the juice of a Lemon.

The Lemon and Pecorino

Then I put my salmon into a frying pan and, as before, I fried the skin side till it was nice and crispy and then turned it over.

When I turned the salmon over , I also put the Scallops in to fry as well.

While this was cooking, I made the pea purée.

I took my peas and microwaved them in some water till cooked. I then drained the water off and blitzed the peas with a knob of butter and some of my stock till smooth.

There you go, all your bits are made and ready to serve. All you need is a twist of black pepper and you’re away.

This cries out “Drink white wine with me!” which the missus did. I had a glass of Shiraz, which I thought was also a good partner, as the risotto had a pungency that could match the wine.

It was bloody fantastic. I do like that risotto/fish combination and I will be doing it again for sure.


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