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Pork Fillet stuffed with Prunes and Stilton with Savoury Savoy Cabbage and Crispy New Potatoes

Yes, I still have some dried prunes left. And as the humble prune is a dried plum, I wanted to recreate one of my favourite snacks which is Stilton with a plum chutney. Now the plum chutney is a specialised condiment to me as I am given a jar or two from Frank’s partner Julia every year and it’s lovely.
I was lucky enough to come across some very cheap Pork Fillets, or as they are sometimes called, Pork Tenderloin. It is exactly the same cut of meat on a pig as Fillet Steak is on a cow.
This dish had to be built in stages but comes together really quickly in the end.

First I par boiled some Savoy Cabbage only for a minute or two and then I cooled it down by putting it in a colander and running it under a cold tap to stop the cooking process.

Next I chopped up around 20 dried prunes and then gently fried them in olive oil to plump them up a bit and added a good glug of Cider Vinegar to add a little tartness to them. They will soak up the liquid don’t worry. Now leave this to cool.

The next stage was to par boil some new potatoes for around 5 minutes that I had peeled and cut into rough cubes. We’re not aspiring to be Michelin grade here, we just want flavour and a little prettiness.

Now we’re ready.

I got the Pork Fillet and made an incision along the length. A deep one, it needs to take a lot of stuffing ingredients.

I then pressed some Stilton cheese into the the groove.

Next were the lovely plump Prunes

To keep all this stuffing in, I then wrapped it in some Serrano Ham. I use Serrano as I’m not a snob. Cava to me, is just as good as Champagne.¬† Serrano to me, is just as good as Parma.

I then placed it on a baking tray ready to roast.

I then gently fried the New Potatoes for around 5 minutes gently tossing to get them evenly coated in oil and then put the pan into a hot oven along with the pork Fillet for 25 minutes.

When the Pork and potatoes were cooked I took the meat out and left it to rest. This is when the cabbage was finished.
Luckily enough I have two frying pans, so In the second pan I added 2 chopped cloves of garlic and a couple of slices of streaky bacon cut up with a good knob of butter and a little olive oil. I gently fried this for 2minutes and then to finish off the cabbage I added a tablespoon of wholegrain mustard and mixed it through.

Now you can put this all together.

The pork was lovely and moist and the Stilton was a hint that complimented the sweet prunes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and so did Carol. Luckily enough I still have 2 pork fillets left so as we on our FabFoodBlog deal in bargain finds , you will be hearing a few more fillet recipes as I also gave one to Frank.

As a famous Pig once said. All recipes are equal but some are more equal than others.

Oink Oink Woof Woof Baa. Mugsie

Pork with Prunes and Red Wine and Dauphinoise Potatoes

Yes, here comes the rest of the prunes that were left over from the stuffed ones. I had about 100g left and was waiting for some pork to turn up, which it did in the form of 2 lovely fat pork loin steaks.

We’ll come to them later but first of all I’d like to take you through my version of dauphinoise potatoes. If you read any recipe for this it will always include cream to cook the potatoes in but I’ve got a good way of making dauphinoise “lite”.
You’ll need 3 medium potatoes. (Try to use a decent potato like a King Edward or a Maris Piper. Never ever use those generic potatoes in bags called “White Potatoes”. They are good for absolutely nothing.)
Milk. I use UHT skimmed.
Garlic. 1 nice sized clove sliced as thin as you can.
Butter. Just a few knobs or slices if it’s straight out of the fridge.
Salt and pepper.

Thinly slice the potatoes, you can use a mandolin or a sharp grating tool or if you’ve got good knives, which you should, just slice them. Arrange the sliced potatoes in a baking dish of your choice. I’ve always saved tin foil trays from various meals bought from M & S over the years. As you build up the layers, add thinly sliced garlic and butter and salt and pepper.

When you have used up all the potatoes finally add some more butter and salt and pepper and then fill the dish up with the milk till it reaches around 1 cm beneath the top layer of potatoes. Then pop the dish into a medium hot oven for around 45 minutes or until the milk has been cooked away.

Now you’re ready to start on the pork dish.
Chop the prunes

Then add a little butter and olive oil to a frying pan and quickly fry the loin steaks for 2 minutes on each side, just to give them a little colour. Take off the steaks and set aside till later.
Throw in all the chopped prunes into the pan that the pork was fried in, with a little extra oil and stir the prunes around for a minute or two. Then add the loin steaks back into the pan and add a good glug of red wine and enough chicken stock so that the liquid reaches halfway up the pork and cook on a medium heat till the sauce thickens.

Turn the steaks over during the cooking, no need for a lid, and when you’re satisfied that the steaks are cooked and the sauce is nice and thick, add a little butter to make the sauce shine.
You’re ready to serve. Make sure the potatoes are slightly crispy on top and serve with some veg of your choice.

I hope you enjoy this one. The prunes added a nice sweetness to the pungent wine and stock combo. And also the steaks were exceptionally juicy and tender.