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Duck with Grapefruit

That’s the Grapefruit there. I took the peel off and took out six segments to use as a garnish. The rest was squeezed for all it’s juice into a pan and some sugar and honey added¬† to sweeten it up. I kept tasting to make sure the grapefruit flavour was still coming through.


As per usual I scored the skin of the duck and then pressed some crushed mixed peppercorns into the skin and fried the duck skin side down for 2 minutes without any oil, as the skin will release loads of fat. I then turned the duck over and put the pan into a hot oven for 10 minutes. I possibly could have put it in for less time as these were smaller breasts than I’m used to but they were still lovely and moist but not pink.





I made a celeriac mash to go with the duck which was made up of half celeriac and half potato mashed together with butter and a little milk and some seasoning to taste.


The grapefruit sauce was heated up and reduced a little.

I added a little cornflour and water to bulk it up again

I then coated the saved grapefruit segments in sugar and lightly fried them

I used broccoli as my veg of choice and I was now ready to serve





The winner for me was that Carol who doesn’t like grapefruit, really enjoyed this and I must say it was really nice. There was enough sweetness to take the edge off the grapefruit but still retained a sharpness to go with the duck


As my freezer is now bulging with various meat and fish, expect some more posts sooner rather than later. One a particularly festive one that Rudolph wouldn’t approve of!

And from the sublime I will now go and make a peanut butter and cheese butty for dinner.