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Chicken, Ham and Stilton Roulade, Crushed Roasted New Potatoes and Mushroom Sauce

Oooh, lets get fiddly.

I had two chicken breasts. Me and the missus wanted to eat them, but how could I “big” them up?

I looked in the fridge and saw some Stilton cheese.

I immediately thought of a song by Gong on the Live Floating Anarchy album where David Allen starts singing “Chicken and cheese, it’ll make you sneeze”

“That’s the one for me” I thought but there will have to be something else with it. I just knew I wanted to make a mushroom sauce to accompany it.

Then I cast my mind back through so many Masterchef episodes I’ve seen and thought of a ‘roulade’. [The word roulade originates from the French word “rouler” meaning “to roll”.[1] Typically, a roulade is a European dish consisting of a slice of meat rolled around a filling, such as cheese, vegetables, or other meats. – courtesy of wikipedia… for all of you who don’t watch Masterchef and therefore had no idea what a ‘roulade’ was! Frank]

I had some new potatoes, which I love but I needed some cruchy texture, so I thought I’d roast them.

That’s how my mind works. I open the fridge, stare at it for a few minutes and my brain starts playing on the fruit machine of ingredients until a winner comes up.

So what do we need:
Chicken breast – skin off.
Ham – Parma or I used Serrano
Chicken Stock
New Potatoes

First of all I parboiled some new potatoes and then, with a rolling pin, bashed them lightly to open them up.
Then I tossed them in olive oil and put them into a hot oven.

Next thing is to “roulade” the chicken.

Place a chicken breast inbetween some cling film or greaseproof paper, and bash it with a rolling pin to stretch it out. Then take some ham and place it on top of the chicken, then place your stilton on the ham.


Next roll the chicken into a cylindrical shape and then wrap it tightly in some tin foil

Stick this into the oven on a tray for 20 minutes and check your potatoes while you’re at it

Now make your sauce. It’s very easy, as you may have followed this recipe in a previous post.

Fry some onion and then the chopped mushrooms, add a glug of chicken stock and then add some cream. Reduce it till it’s a nice saucy consistency. I judge it by dragging a wooden spoon through it and if it leaves a line, it’s ready.

Now everything should be ready. Take the foil off the chicken and the potatoes out of the oven

Any juices that come from the chicken, add to the sauce. Maximum flavour, remember. Slice the chicken up evenly and your ready to serve. I placed the chicken on top of the mushroom sauce with the potatoes around and added some carrots. Choose whatever veg you like and VOILA!

Utterly scrumptious. I would add that I could have used a lot more cheese in the roulade, but hell, I’m not complaining.

Rock and ROLL ! Mugsie

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Liver, Bacon and Onions in Mustard Sauce

Here is a cheap staple that I do from time to time. I never used to like liver , it was a horrible nasty dry meat that was served to me in school dinners. I am going back a bit as I only had school dinners in the school year 1968/69. Even The Beatles were still a band then.

It is an amazingly cheap cut of meat and I used lamb’s liver, which I think is mild enough in itself to be had as a meal. Pigs liver would be a little strong, but a good calves liver could be used. It’s funny that people have no qualms about using calves liver but turn their noses up at veal, which is where you get calves liver from anyway.

So here’s what you need for 2 people:

A small pack of Lamb’s Liver, I did not even use all of it. The pack cost £1.37
A Medium Onion – sliced.
2 Rashers of Bacon.
Mustard, I used 1 small tablespoon of wholegrain and a small tablespoon of dijon.
Crème Fraîche.

The first thing I did was to prepare some things to eat with the liver, so I boiled some new potatoes and then drained them – I feel that new potatoes are best eaten warm and not straight from boiling water. I then added a knob of butter and some Chives and left in the pan with the lid on. I also boiled some finely shredded cabbage and did exactly the same by leaving it in a pan with the lid on. They will stay warm while you prepare your liver

Now slice your bacon and onion and gently fry on a low heat to slightly caramelise the onion. You should be getting quite adept at this now. While this is gently sweating away, slice your Liver. Cut it into thin strips.Now you’re ready for the final push. add the liver to the pan and turn the heat up. You do not want to overcook the liver as it will go tough, so keep moving it about and keep watching it. When it looks cooked but still has a pinkness to it, add your mustard, and keep stirring. Now add a glug of cream, and maybe a dollop of crème fraîche. Stir till mixed in. If it seems a little thick add a small amount of milk, do this slowly as you don’t want to make the sauce too thin – remember, you are trying to cook this quickly so as to keep the liver tender. Give it a twist of salt and pepper and  you’re ready to serve up

I think the whole lot goes together well. I have sometimes sautéd the potatoes, but that is a bit poncey. So all in all this meal cost around £2 to feed 2 people.
Happy Scrimping. Mugsie.