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Mushroom Pasta


Probably about a year ago I did a post about sweet potato ravioli that went wrong as my pasta machine broke halfway through.


Well it’s taken me a year to get a new machine, well Carol got it from Home & Bargains for a tenner. So last weekend I set about making ravioli. As Frank was coming round too, I decided to make another dish of Beef Stroganoff. The ravioli was a little trick on Frank as it had mussels in.

Well where’s the post? It sounds lovely , you’re asking. Well I’m asking that too. I took plenty of pictures and downloaded and renamed them on my computer. Can I find them? No! I’m left with this post which is the leftovers from what i made the night before. This dish is a worthy post on its own though. It was a highly tasty dish.

With the pasta that was left from making ravioli, there’s always paste left from making ravioli, I made tagliatelle. It was probably the best pasta I’ve ever made. Plenty of egg went into it and quite a bit of semolina too. I also had half a punnet of chestnut mushrooms left over too. So I chopped the mushrooms finely and gently fried them in olive oil, butter and garlic. I then added a good cupful of chicken stock, always a staple in my fridge now. I cooked this until most of the liquid had gone and at the last minute I added a splash of truffle oil. I cooked the pasta which only took 2 minutes in a pan of salted water, drained it and then tossed the pasta and mushroom mixture together. Served with a little parmesan and there you go. a very cheap meal made very quickly.


The truffle oil really heightens the mushroom flavour and again I’m dreaming of al fresco eating. Hurry up summer.


There doesn’t look like many mushrooms in the dish but they packed a punch with the added chicken stock and truffle oil.

Now I’m going to have to make some more ravioli. What a shame!