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Monkfish wrapped in Serrano Ham with a Lemon and Caper Sauce

Well we seem to have an issue here, don’t we. Do we need to call this site “Frank and Mugsie’s Seafood Odyssey”? I think Keith Floyd and Rick Stein would be proud of our latest experiments, little blips aside, we are very proud too.
I saw a Monkfish tail going very cheap at my Tesco this very morning and I just had to have it. It’s one of those things I’d always wanted to try, but on a budget these things don’t come round too often. So I paid out my £4.00 (which was half price btw.) and drove home with those cooking cogs turning in my head.
I remember many foody programmes and have noticed that wrapping the tail in a Parma like ham was a favourite of all chefs and menu’s. So off I popped to Lidl and saw thay had Serrano Ham on offer, That’ll do me!

Having never had Monkfish before I was intruiged to find it had a very sharp bone down the middle, well it would, wouldn’t it. So I took the bone out, which left me with two tail fillets.

I then trimmed the smaller end which I will use later as Scampi. No waste here, sonny Jim. I then rolled each tail in two slices of ham.

I set these aside while I par boiled some New Potatoes. After they had cooked for 5-7 minutes in boiling salted water I took them out, drained them and left them to cool

Once cool enough to handle I attacked them with a rolling pin. I just wanted them to slightly crack open so I could roast them and the cracks would give lovely crispy bits.

I placed these into a hot oven at 220C for around 40 minutes. I wanted crisp, and I got it.
After 25 minutes of the potatoes roasting, I started on the Monkfish. In a large frying pan I added a small glug of olive oil and cooked the parcels for 5 minutes, turning occasionly, then I put the pan into the oven for 10 minutes. Once cooked, I took the fish and the potatoes out to rest and cool. While they were resting I set about the sauce.
I love this sauce, it goes fantastically with all sorts of fish.
You need

1 Lemon
1 Garlic clove finely chopped
3 teaspoons of Capers chopped
A small glug of white wine
A small glug of cream
A knob of butter

Add the garlic to the pan that the fish was cooked in and add the butter and then the wine. Give the pan a good scraping with a wooden spoon to get all the flavour out, Add the capers and the cream and cook for a minute or two till the sauce thickens slightly. I had some fine beans cooking as well and was now ready to eat.

Verdict, very nice indeed. The monkfish was a firm texture and still had a flavour which wasn’t totally overpowered by the ham and sauce. The new potatoes were absolute yum.

Right, I’ve got to go and buy some meat before we are accused of being Pescetarianists.
I’m off now , see you later.
dum de da… I’d like to be
under the sea, in an octop……….



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Trout with a Caper, Lemon and Butter Sauce

Firstly, apologies for photography.

No apologies for the utter deliciousness of this dish which took only around 10 minutes to cook!

At my Tesco up till Wednesday they had trout on offer. I adore trout. It has to be the king of fresh water fish.

I had it first in a restaurant in my late primary school days. I think it was for my parent’s silver wedding. (The only time I saw my dad smoke a cigar.) I wanted a T Bone steak but was told it would be far too big for such a young lad,( a likely story indeed, probably more to do with the price!) so I plumped for trout. Strange choice? Yes!
And to this day, if I ever go to a restaurant, which is a rare occurrence now that I can cook, I always go for fish. Also, having been a butcher that meat was so plentiful, for me, fish was a treat.

So, what do you need.

Well nothing special – all store cupboard stuff. [which by the way is going to form part of another blog Frank and I are going to put out, after a request from a surly friend of mine. Yes Dutton, you know who you are.]

Trout – it cost me £1.50 and I got Bobby Hoy on the fish counter to gut it for me.
Capers, about 2 teaspoons of
Half a Lemon
Garlic, 1 clove
A knob of Butter
Glug of white Wine
Twist of Pepper and that is it.

Put your trout on a baking tray and stick it under the grill for 5 minutes on each side, take care when turning it over.

The lemon is in the picture to give you an idea about the size of the fish.

Next you need to make the sauce while the trout is under the grill.

Finely chop the garlic and chop the capers a little. Put the butter into a pan with a touch of olive oil to stop it burning


Add the garlic and cook for a minute then add the capers and wine and squeeze the lemon (till the juice runs down my legs!)

A bit of pepper and that’s it.

Serve as you like – I had a light salad as I thought cucumber would be good with this and a slice of crusty bread.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I could still taste it as I was starting a bowls match afterwards. I did it for the missus later, but cut the head and tail off and skinned it too. It looked prettier but my phone went flat so no picture.

Ah well, it’s the taste that counts.

Bon appetite. Mugsie

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