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Banqueting for Beginners

bruschetta and palmiers

A Full English Breakfast Brushetta – featuring dehydrated tomatoes, rounds of sausage, black pudding and omelette… served on a slice of toasted ciabatta that had been liberally smeared with Bacon Jam! Also, a very powerful garlic and anchovy palmier… which was not a dish for the shy palate!

dead things

As with any complicated dinner parties, there are occasional setbacks… this didn’t really work, but at least this pic of it was quite arty.

Pitta 'n stuff

Salmon and Samphire Risotto

Grilled salmon served on a bed of risotto and topped with blanched samphire.

stuffed shrooms

Stuffed mushrooms served with a very artistically placed piece of tomato.

Spiced pork belly

Hot and spicy pork belly, coated in a dry rub and then roasted in the oven.

Nolwenn's 'dessert Bretagne'

A ‘Far Breton’ – courtesy of the lovely Nolwenn – part of the dessert trio.

with chocolate fudge and coconut sorbet

Well, chocolate and ice cream (or was it a sorbet?) – doesn’t get much better than this.

Chicken Caesar Salad


This is such a good summertime recipe that I had to share it again. A few more pictures this time.

Ok, just a quickie here. I hadn’t taken any photo’s apart from the final dish as I feel it’s so simple to make. The only processes are making the Caesar dressing, cooking the chicken and cooking some croutons.

I love summer, even in soggy Britain. It makes me eat different food. And this is a favourite of mine and the missus.

What you need.

Chicken Breasts
Bread – 2 slices of stale crust
Mayonnaise – I used shop bought ‘light’
Anchovies or Anchovy Paste

Ok let’s start with the croutons. Get your bread and cube it up, then add olive oil to a frying pan and chuck in the bread. Get the bread coated with the oil – yes, get your fingers messy. Then turn the heat on. Keep frying till the bread has gone crispy. Keep moving the bread around so it doesn’t burn on one side. This is good practice for doing that chef flick with the pan. ( I’m a dab hand, I think Frank is jealous.) – [NB Yes, I am! Frank]

Now keep them aside till later. Get your chicken and cook it whichever way you want. I fried mine with skin on so it was crispy.

Now the main bit, how to make a Caesar dressing.

There are probably many different versions but I have made this a few times now and it seems to tick all the boxes. This is, of course, for two people.

In a mixing bowl or jug add 3 tablespoons of mayo. Grate around the same volume of parmesan and add to the mayo. Add a 2 inch long squeeze of anchovy paste. In a pestle & mortar crush a garlic clove – add a little coarse sea salt to get it going. Take half a lemon and add the juice to the mix and blend it all together. Add enough water to make the consistency that you want.

You’re there!

Make a salad, put some in your dish, add some croutons and drizzle with the dressing. Then add more salad and croutons and dressing and put your chicken on top. Add some shavings of parmesan and some chopped fresh herbs, a twist of pepper and enjoy.


I promise you that you will enjoy this! Try to eat it al fresco – it just makes it so much better. A good white wine is a perfect partner for this.


And what a summer we’re having. May it continue.