Paprika Dusted Trout Fillets with Lime and Chilli Cous Cous

As I have previously mentioned, I love trout but I’ve always had it, on the bone. Or should I say, whole. I came across these fillets on offer at my Tesco and they worked out at £2 for 2. As you also should know by now, I love fish with crispy skin but alas, trout skin isn’t the best for crisping up. I’m in turmoil. What shall I do? The first thought was to smoke ’em. Wait for pun……. None coming. I have no smoker as of yet but I’m waiting for the first slightly damaged biscuit tins at work to surface and I’m away. I do like cous cous with my fish so I stuck with that for an partner.
So What do you need.
Trout Fillets
Cous Cous
Onion half, finely sliced
Garlic, finely chopped
Chilli, It’s up to you but I recommend not overdoing it
Lime, Juice and Zest of.
Chicken Stock
Paprika and flour for dusting
Oil and butter for frying

First I had to take the skin off the trout. Don’t be afraid to do this , it’s really easy with a sharp knife. Grab hold of the fish at one end, usually the thinnest end and with the knife between the skin and the fish, pull the skin towards you and only make small movements with the knife. I then cut each fillet into 3 pieces.


Then I mixed paprika and flour together in a 50/50 mix so don’t overdo the amount and covered all the fillets in the mix and then set it aside.
Next I made the cous cous with chicken stock. Follow the proportions on the packet of the cous cous for this, I always add less stock/water than is recommended as I find it makes a fluffier cous cous. Set the cous cous aside to soak up the stock but remember to fork it up before it all sets as one big mass.

While the cous cous is soaking, add a glug of oil to a frying pan and throw in the garlic, chilli and onion and gently fry then I add the cous cous and the zest and juice of a small lime and stir the whole lot through.
Set your cous cous aside. I’m lucky to have two frying pans, every real fat bastard should have two! If you are only a monopan household, put the cous cous in a covered bowl.
In, another/the frying pan add a glug of oil and a knob of butter and add the fish and fry gently on both sides.
Get your vegetables ready. I find the microwave to be the best veg cooker. It’s quick and easy as it basically steams the veg. Sometimes I use boiling water, only if I’m adding salt to the cooking water or if I want to glaze the veg.
A pink fish like this cried out for broccoli.

It was a lovely zingy mouth tingly dish. The trout, which is a delicate fish was not lost in all the flavours

This fish eating that I’m doing recently must be working, as I’m making less spelling mistakes than usual. Most of all, it tastes marvelous.

Now that I’ve done a Trout Dish Replica I’m on the lookout for some Beef Heart. geddit?

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