Black Forest Cheesecake

I love cheesecake. It’s a pud that does me fine as I don’t like too sweet a dessert. My lad, Archie, loves my lemon cheesecake but I thought I’d make something for me and the missus, and as I guessed, Archie, the lard loving child , liked it too.

I can’t say I’ve seen this recipe anywhere else so I’ll claim it as my own.

What you need:

For the base, 3 quarters of a packet of chocolate Bourbon biscuits . A tablespoon of good cocoa powder, and just less than a quarter of a block of unsalted butter

For the cheese bit I used a tub of low fat cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of caster sugar and a glug of double cream. I like glugs!

For the topping I used just under half a jar of cherries in syrup, A leaf of gelatine and some grated 74% chocolate .

First of all I blitzed the biscuits in a blender. I then put them in a large bowl and added the cocoa powder and butter (which I had melted in a microwave). I gave it a good mixing to ensure the butter had coated everything and pressed this into a shallow cake tin.

– firming it down till all the biscuit mix was level. Put this in the fridge to let it set.

Now to the cheese. Into a bowl empty a carton of cream cheese (mine was 200g), add the sugar and then add the cream and whisk. It will go loose but keep whisking till it goes slightly stiff again. Then evenly spread this over your biscuit base.

Now for the cherry topping. Get your jar of cherries and take a few out and leave aside. MThen blitz the rest in a blender till totally liquidised. Now take a leaf of gelatine and soak it in water

when it has soaked and is supple, add it to the cherry liquid which you have on a gentle heat in a pan and stir it until it has disolved. Now take the pan off the heat and let it cool down till only just above room temp – you don’t want it to set in the pan!

With the cherries that you set aside, chop them into small pieces and push them into the cheese topping and then slowly and carefully pour the cherry mixture evenly on to the cheese. Finely grate some decent dark chocolate, and I mean decent (Bourneville is not decent!) – it has to be a bitter chocolate 60% or above. I didn’t actually grate it this time, I used a sharp knife and shaved slithers off. Drop these all over the cherry topping, as much as you like, and now put back in the fridge to set. Give it a couple of hours at least and you’re ready. Serve with some cream. If you want a more authentic/grown-up taste, add a little cherry liquer to your cherry mix or even to your biscuit base, but personally I don’t think it needs it.

So there you have it. An adult cheesecake – if you find this anywhere else in a shop, let me know so I can sue them for copyright. I must apologise for the scruffy cutting, but Carol did that using a common table knife! Honestly, I ask you! Sheesh!

Herr Von Mügsie.


  1. Mugsie

    Well, I am a dunce aren’t I! After doing a quick Google, I found pages and pages of recipes for Black Forest Cheesecake! Bugger! Well I liked mine, so why not try it!

    • francisdelux

      Ain’t it always the way… a few years ago I invented something called the wheel… turns out after a quick search on Google… well, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t invest my life savings!!

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