Breaded Turkey Goujons. One for the Kids, That’s my excuse, anyway!

I made a rod for my own back didn’t I!

A while ago, I thought I’d make some Chicken Nuggets for the kids as I didn’t want to go to MacDonalds as I hate the place, and that is what they, and their friends really, really wanted for tea as a treat.
“They were the best ever Dad”! Was their verdict. I now have kids coming round after school especially to eat them, as they all agree that they put Maccy D’s to shame.
The twist is, as a self styled scottish skinflint, I have found that Turkey is a little cheaper, and I can cut the breast steaks into equal sized lengths, so no arguments, and any trimmings left get frozen and made into a curry for the family.
I have to agree, they are juicier and crunchier than any shop bought Nugget/Goujon, and I can see myself making them to go along with a nice Caesar Salad when the weather turns a bit warmer.

So what do you need?
Chicken/Turkey. It’s up to you, whatever you can find.
Bread, Stale slices of crust will do.
2 Eggs
Salt & Pepper

There is one bit of equipment you need to make the Breadcrumbs and that is a Blender Mixer thing like the ones on the left. DO NOT buy those orange weird Breadcrumbs in a packet, they are too fine anyway

To make the Breadcrumbs , lightly toast some bread and then blitz them in the mixer, you will get a nice crumb mix with larger grains that become crunchy when fried. Now put them into a bowl ready for the meat.

Now take your eggs and in another bowl whisk them with a fork till thouroughly mixed up.

Now you need to coat your meat with flour.

I use an old soup pot like the one on the left. Put some plain flour into it and a good twist of Salt & pepper, chuck your Chicken/Turkey in, and shake shake shake!
Take the meat and then coat it in the egg mix and then into the breadcrumbs and then onto/into a plate ready for frying.

You’re ready for frying.
Put a generous amount of oil, a nice clean oil, not olive oil into a frying pan on a low to medium heat and fry on all sides. Keep checking as you do not want to burn the crumbs. Take out and put them on some Kitchen Paper if you are arsed about fat, I wouldn’t bother as the breadcrumbs will have sucked up all the oil anyway.

Now that’s for the kids. Imagine with a nice salad and a glass of Pinot Grigio on a summers evening.

Hurry Up Summer!

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