Pheasant with Porcini. Up Your’s Fine Dining!

How many wrongs can I right with this post? Plenty but how far will it get me? Nowhere.

Actually scrub that. Food done right will get you to Nirvana.


First “Wrong” is actually deciding to post something for the first time in 6 months when you’ve just got a new camera. I paid top dosh for the last one 15 years ago but alas my Mega-Pixels are ancient. The new camera is ace, I just haven’t learned to use it properly yet. So unfortunately my “top view” picture is a little blurred and undefined.


My second “Wrong” is being slightly Scottish.

My third “Wrong” is fulfilling an ambition to eat at a top swanky fine dining establishment. I had £160 to spend after recieving a long service award at Tesco. Arrrggghh! Tempus Fugit. So spend it I did.
I love the fact that I can give a ham fisted go at any meal, even invent some meals . I know in the end I will be

Having just spent an evening at a Michelin Star Aspiring restaurant I can honestly say that I was neither full or satisfied.
Sure, the razor clam was nice, or the sauce was, and the teaspoon I got to eat it with tells you how big the dish was.
The scallop in the next dish, yes, “The Scallop”, was scallopy and the sauces were nice………I can go on but I know you’ve got the drift. I kind of got the feeling that I was paying for someone to wash the massive plates that everything was served on.
If we had gone for the full experience we could have spent £280 easily for just the two of us. Ive done it now and I can get a little pious when I watch Masterchef The Proffesionals and say “I can do better than that”.

So a mate brings round some pheasants and partridges. Unfortunately it’s still warmish and Mr Bluebottle had gotten to most of the birds. I managed to rescue his birds and two breasts for myself. I won’t go in to how, but I took two breast fillets from the carcasses.

The day before while walking my usual run round Lidl I spotted a pack of dried porcini mushrooms. They are, without doubt, apart from truffles, the king of mushrooms. Hold on. How old am I ? 25years ago I would have been raving, yes raving about magic mushrooms from Rivington Pike but now it’s Porcini! Hell yeah.
I had a simple plan. Cook the pheasant breasts, rehydrate porcini, fry porcini, use the porcini water and reduce it down with some butter to an intense porcini drizzle. Serve with salad and Balsamic dressing.


Honestly. It really was so much better than any food I had paid for.
I take you back to  “Wrong” No 2. !

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