Pheasant with Orange and Salad Leaves


Here’s a quicky for ya.

I was going to call this “Pan Fried Pheasant” but I have a right bolshy friend who always pipes up with “what else are you going to fry a pheasant in!” well Sandra,you may be super whizz regarding Employment Law and all things ACAS but I’m the cook here and I’ll tell you that “pan fried” is not “deep fried”! There’s the difference.

This was a pack of M&S pheasant fillets that had been laying around the freezer for a while. Too small to cook as a main meal and as we Rimmers don’t do snacks or light lunches (Give me a peanut butter and cheese butty any day for lunch) I didn’t know what to do with them. So this day I had a revelation, why not, instead of one massive brilliant meal, don’t I do a starter and a slightly smaller mains than usual.


So I had a quick look on the Interweb and saw a Gino D’acampo recipe using orange and as usual I ignored what he did, lovely man as he is, and made my own stylee!

First thing is, when cooking pheasant and any other very lean meats, it’s all about timing, so when you think you’ve got another 5 minutes cooking time, that’s when to stop. Resting the meat for 5-10 minutes will take care of the rest of the cooking process leaving you with succulent juicy meat. So as a guide I only fried in a butter olive oil mix for around 4 mins each side. I also pan fried, see Sandra; some mushrooms for a more earthy taste. I didn’t get the salad leaves from my allotment or my garden at La Squalid Midden de Quatre Saison, I bought them from Lidl. It was a Rocket and Baby Leaf salad.

The orange sauce was quite simple . I reduced a large glug of Orange juice (from concentrate) to a sticky sauce simply by boiling and added a small knob of butter to add a shine to the sauce and then drizzled over the pheasant.


I must say,the pheasant was perfect. really juicy and full of flavour. The orange drizzle was zingy and went well with the pheasant. Funny, as they say orange is good to cut through the fat of duck but also good with a very lean meat like pheasant


I also pan fried a few baby plum tomatoes too. This was a great way to use those pheasant breasts. Usually I go all poncey and wash food down with a good wine and this had Riesling written all over it but I’m now a home brewer and a top February 2016 Vintage Rimmer IPA was quaffed. Bloody lovely.
So Sandra, Stick that in your pan and fry it!

Oh, by the way Mugsie, what was the main meal? ………..

To be continued

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