Crispy Haloumi with Lemon and Pea Pearl Barley Risotto

On Friday, I got a text off Frank informing me of his intentions to post not one but two blogs for this site. I held off my recent culinary delight for him to publish his wares. I’m now here late on Sunday publishing belatedly a fine summer’s evening’s snackipoos.


Sod off Frank. (I may be being a bit harsh here as I know he has elderly problems and maybe my recent demolishing him in a bowls game has affected him)

I’ve made pearl barley risotto before but with no success . Carol does not like al denté. She also didn’t like Al Jolson or even Al Youcaneat. So this time I made sure I gave it a full cooking and TBH it was worth it.  It was a nice tender carb for the haloumi.

I’m not going to go into how to cook this stuff just warn you that it needs at least 30 mins cooking time. That means there must be liquid in the risotto for 30 mins. I used my home made chicken stock that I make after every roast on Sunday. Don’t forget to coat the barley in oil along with the usual onions and garlic. Add plenty of Parmesan. And by that I mean real parmesan. I have/ We have a friend who is culinary dyslexic and will use that dried stuff that smells of sick in a tub Parmesan. No No No No.

To the risotto I added half a lemon’s juice and rind and a handful of peas and a handful of blitzed peas. This is high summer on a plate. Only it’s North West Lancashire so expect rain!


The haloumi was part of Lidl’s Greek week. I, unlike Greece did pay for it! Grecian food in my opinion has to be the most boring of all the Med. I mean, Moussaka, come on! I do give you 10/10 for fried squid n chips though and Octopus salad ooooh and a greek salad and souvlak………………… Oh bugger. Greece, I owe you an apology.Oh and proper black olives, not that tasteless garbage they ferment in vats……Anyway, The haloumi, (with added chilli flakes ) was cut into even bits and coated in the usual breadcrumby way and fried in olive oil till golden on all sides.

Slightly overcooked haloumi but bloody tasty







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