Pork, Apple and Black Pudding Stacks



Here’s a redoing of a dish I made earlier in the year but due to having no charged battery for my camera I never posted it. I’m glad I didn’t, it gave me a chance to have this again. This time I made my trusty Mustard Sauce with it. Carol really likes the mustard sauce and I mean really, really! It’s always good with pork and we like it with Lambs Liver. So I’ll give you a little head’s up on it.

You’ll need….
Whole Grain Mustard.        Cream, double or single. I like to add a bit of my homemade chicken stock, I always have some due to the kids only liking Roast Chicken for Sunday Dinner.

It’s simple, Add a few tablespoons of mustard to a pan, add “some” cream and a little stock. Remember you don’t need the stock but I like the extra flavour. Heat it all up till it’s a nice consistency. There you go. You can make this at anytime and just reheat to serve.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pork stacks were a combination of buying a packet of reduced (of course) Pork Fillet Medallions from Lidl. You get 6 in a pack which to me isn’t enough for two people so I though I’d better beef ’em up, if you’ll excuse the pun. I had in the fridge as always one of those slicing style Black Puddings that I use for the occasional Full English. They were around the same size luckily but I thought they would need something a little sweet to go with them.

I’ve never ever had the traditional Pork and Apple roast, It just wasn’t done in our house and I’m not a believer of this sauce goes with that meat kinda philosophy. I did think however that Pork and Black Pudding cried out for a bit of apple for that counter-balance.

Luckily Carol always buys apples for the kids to eat at school or at home which invariably end up shrivelling away in the fruit bowl or rattling around the veg drawer of the fridge. I usually make a fruit crumble with them. These however were destined for fine dining. They were relatively small (fun size! What’s bloody fun about small things like small Mars Bars,? Fun size should mean Massive! Surely.) So when sliced, they ended up the same size as the pork and black pud. I gently fried the apple slices in butter to soften them a little before building the stacks.

The stacks consisted of , Black Pudding, Pork, Apple and Black Pudding, as shown below


These needed to be wrapped in some way to keep them together so I used two slices of Black Forest Smoked ham slices to each stack. I’ll tell you this and so will my foody blogging partner Frank, that the German ham is every bit as good as Proscuitto or Serrano ham and of course it doesn’t have that snobby food of origin tag that the other ham’s have that makes them so expensive. I’m such a Scotsman that I prefer Cava to Champers.And I’ll wager that most people couldn’t taste the difference.

I wrapped each stack one way, then the other in the ham and gently fried the overlapping bits of ham side to seal them together then gently all round for a few minutes then put the pan in a hot oven for 15 minutes to cook through.

I had already made a parsnip mash to go with the meal and had already cooked some glazed carrots.
For the mash, boil equal parts potato and parsnip and mash with milk and butter.For the carrots, boil in slightly salted water with some sugar added till all the water evaporates leaving a sticky glaze. They really taste sweet and carroty.


I had a few mushrooms left so fried them in a little butter(James Martin is positively glowing with pride at the butter used here) and added them to the dish.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI must admit that after “beefing” up the pork,  three were a little too much. I ate them all of course but Carol struggled so ended up saving one for her friend Christine. She’s a good foody too. and is waiting for a private feeding. Don’t worry Chris, I have you marked in.


You can really see the structure of the stack above. And as the old Bran Flakes ad said, they were “Tasty tasty very very tasty. The mustard sauce was as ever superbly complimentary. All glugged down with my favourite Pinotage from Lidl. It really is a nice wine.

Well I hope to see you all again very soon, I have a bag of goodies to blog about so won’t be a stranger on here. I’m waiting on Frank’s blog of some pigs or ox cheeks he was promising to do. I shall have words with him on the golf course tomorrow. Unfortunately we are playing  with a vegetarian! A bloody vegebloodytarian. Poor get!



  1. Christine

    Love reading your food blogs Andy.
    The pork was delicious.
    Made me laugh Fun Size!!
    I look forward to my ear mark ????

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