Duck with Plum Sauce and Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto

Well I don’t think you can get much seasonal than this. Purple sprouting broccoli and jerusalem artichokes. As for the duck, that’s always in season for me.

What’s a jerusalem artichoke I hear you say, well here’s a few

Jer3I’ve had them before and not been impressed. Roasted or sauteéd they seem to go a little wet and don’t really crisp up so I trawled the web and found a risotto recipe for them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo to make this dish, start with the artichoke risotto.

Gently fry in butter about three quarters of a pound of peeled and and sliced jerusalem artichokes. Beware!!!! Peeling these things is an art in itself and probably a reason why these things are no longer on our foodie radar. Once they are softened, blitz them in a processor with a dash of cream and a little chicken stock until smooth and creamy.

Now make a risotto as normal but use a little less rice than usual for 2 people. Stop the cooking process so you can continue later on when the duck is resting.

For the duck, what can I say. Cook as per normal, ie, skin side down for 8 minutes and then turn over for a few minutes more. Always leave the duck to stand for 5 or so minutes. I usually cook my veg in a microwave these days. I find it not only quicker but the veg retains a lot more flavour without having to resort to salt. The restaurant trick is to partially cook the veg and then plunge it into iced water. This retains the colour and allows you to quickly serve it when needed usually by tossing in butter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile the duck is resting and the veg is in the microwave, finish off the risotto by adding the pureéd artichokes to the rice. Don’t forget to add some parmesan too, Add a little more stock if the rice needs it. And that’s it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll tell you what. This was bleedin’ delicious. The risotto had a sweet nuttiness that went well with the duck. I must admit the plum sauce came in a packet with the duck but I added a little red wine to it. I can’t leave anything like that alone. I have to “improve” things. The duck was perfect, still juicy and if you like duck well done, then stick it in a pancake not on a plate!

A cheeky shiraz went well with this. I don’t think any more jerusalem artichokes will be coming my way for a while but if they do, then I will definitely be making a risotto with them. A truly eye opening dish.

It’s been a while folks but I have a few more dishes up my sleeve to come.

Thanks Mugsie

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  1. Frank

    I’ve only got about three hundredweight of the bloody things down the allotment… so start thinking of more things to do with them!!

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