Chicken and Stilton Roulade with Mushroom Sauce


I’m not lucky enough to have pigeon sat in my freezer but I am lucky enough to be an ex butcher, so taking meat of the bone is quite simple for me. I came across a reduced chicken in Lidl and next thing, I’d paid for it. Now cheap chicken has it’s uses, I know all about welfare and breeding so I would never flavour an organic free range chicken as I really want to taste what the chicken was bred and grown for. Cheap chicken on the other hand, I have no problem flavouring it. They are ideal marinated and stuck on a barbeque or my favourite is to make a spicy coating for chicken pieces and oven baked like a KFC style chicken. I can hear the vegetarians squealing in anguish, I applaud their ideals but not their choice.

So I took the breasts off the carcass, the legs were given a crispy KFC style coating and the kids had them for tea. The breasts were for Carol and I. Of course the carcass was used to make a lovely stock which will be used to make some soup later in the week.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow how to make a roulade. I have posted one earlier in the blog so if you want pictures they are there. If you are reading this blog I would expect a foody like yourself would know the basics. I got the breasts and butterflied them to make them a bit thinner and give them a more rectangular shape and then, in between some cling film I bashed them with a rolling pin to a thickness of half a centimeter, I then crumbled some Stilton on each breast around 50g each breast with a little chopped parsley . Roll up the chicken in some fresh cling film into a cylindrical shape and either make a knot in the ends or wrap that in more cling film. You don’t want water getting inside. I chilled this while I made some roast potatoes and some mushroom sauce.

I par boiled the cubed potatoes (The left overs made a nice mash potato, used later in the week) by simmering them very gently in salted water for 20 mins and then letting them dry off. Now I added a good knob of butter to a frying pan with a little oil and gently fried each potato on each side till they were slightly browned off, (is that where the phrase is from?) before putting them in a hot oven for another 20 mins.

The mushroom sauce was from a whole punnet of button mushrooms chopped and fried on a high heat with a little garlic. I then added half a pint of chicken stock (from an earlier batch) and reduced it right down and added a little cream and a touch of truffle oil for some extra earthiness.

I had par boiled some sugar snap peas and then chilled them in iced water ready to heat up when needed.


The chicken was put into a large pan of not boiling but quite warm water to gently cook the chicken right through leaving it tender and not tough. After 15 minues it was nearly ready so I took the chicken out and rested it for another 15 minutes. This finished the cooking process

After heating through the sugar snaps in butter the dish was ready. It was a little fiddly getting the cling film off but a good pair of scissors worked fine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooks good doesn’t it? I forgot one thing, I gently fried some chorizo cubes in oil and as I’ve watched Masterchef for the last month or so I had to add that extra dimension in taste and probably more so, colour.

Carol’s not a great fan of stilton as part of the meal but when it combined with the mushroom sauce we were both obliged to like the plate clean at the end.


And that folks was my take on a Sunday roast while I have banned roasts in the run up to Christmas.¬† I do find roasts a little bland or that’s maybe to do with the kids only liking roast chicken. Well it’s beef for me this year and it’s marinating in a mustard garlic anchovy and sherry vinegar coating right now. The kids will be having……………chicken. Blighters!


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