Always buy the freshest fish available. That’s what we’re told and I kind of agree but when you’re on a budget there are some fishes that are out of reach. monkfish is one and swordfish is another. Luckily both of these do age very well and don’t break down and start smelling all fishy.

I acquired this from my friendly fishmonger at Tesco, Bobby Hoy. Not only is he good with fish he’s good with a couple of cards dealt to him to bet on, he is a fanatical Poker player like myself and we spend most Mondays discussing bad beats and poker strategy and amazing wins. I must admit to approaching the swordfish with a little trepidation as the last time I had swordfish was on the island of Crete in 1985. Hell, that’s nearly thirty years ago. Anyway we decided to go to a different taverna for the night’s meal and were basically force fed Pina Coladas. Not my favourite tipple I can tell you. On the menu that night was swordfish. I hadn’t seen it anywhere else so jumped at the chance to have it. What a disaster, it was dry and rubbery, tasted of cardboard and swerved with boiled potatoes. Twenty Eight years later and I can still remember the whole evening. Along with that Greek classic, “Play Bouzouki” on heavy rotation. It was a relief to get back to our usual taverna for a side dish of battered squid with cold Lowenbrau.

Back to Blighty and my swordfish. It was very simply cooked by rubbing with olive oil and then seasoned and fried on both sides for a total of eight minutes. I made my favourite fishy sauce, a caper and lemon butter sauce in the same pan that the fish was fried in. Just throw in some butter and chopped capers and add the juice of half a lemon and wait till the butter goes a nutty brown colour and you’re ready.


The other part of this dish was a take on a  cous cous dish I’ve done many times. I soaked my cous cous in chicken stock and left it to rest. Meanwhile I fried a sliced onion till it turned brown and then added a handful of sultanas. Then a few chopped cherry tomatoes some parsley some chopped spinach and a dash of paprika. add the cous cous to the pan and at the last minute I added some feta cheese. They were diamonds of salty cheesiness in the dish.


The verdict? Absolutely gorgeous. A lovely succulent juicy fish with a firm but melting texture. I would actively go and buy this again and as I have one swordfish steak left , I will have to buy another anyway for a tea with the missus. It was robust enough to take the lemon caper sauce and all the flavours of the cous cous too.


Carol had her usual glass of white wine and I had a bottle of Henry Weston’s cider. Henry Weston is my new hero, he makes several varieties of cider of different tastes and strengths. This one was an medium dry organic cider at 6.5%vol. Only 99p too but I’m not telling you where from as they only have a little stock left.


It does seem odd that all winter I’m banging on about dining al fresco and now that summer is here, I’m actually posting less foodie stuff. Too busy enjoying myself outside that’s why. I will promise to do a few more posts soon but many seem to be a variation of flavouring a chicken and then barbequeing it.

Anyway, gotta go, the sun’s out and I’ve got to make some flavoured chicken ready for a barbeque with a couple of friends tonight. SEE WHAT I MEAN???

See you soon. Mugsie

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