Chicken with Mushroom Risotto , Goat’s Cheese Sauce and Parmesan Crisps


Hello there. I seem to have been away a bit from here but it’s not from the lack of cooking as I did mention lost photographs (still lost)  but more from some absolute shockers of meals I’ve made recently. I say absolute shockers but to be honest  they were not that shocking but if I was being judged by Marcus Wareing I’m sure he would not be slapping me on the back saying ” never mind Mugs, there’s always next time”. In that cheeky chappie style he has. (ahem)

This was more of a discipline into making Parmesan crisps and trying out my silicone baking mat, I had bought from Lidl of course, around 6 months ago.  The crisps were the first thing I made in this dish and they are ever so easy. I used a pastry cutter as a mould and grated the cheese into it and made 4 even discs of cheese on my mat. I put the mat in the oven and baked at 170C for around 15 minutes, took them out and let them cool. Sorted.

The mushroom risotto was next. I chopped three quarters of a punnet of chestnut mushrooms into chunks and fried them in a saucepan with a little garlic and half an onion finely chopped. When they were cooked I added the risotto rice and started the risotto process of adding stock little by little. The stock I used was a duck stock that I had made after deboning a duck into separate parts. The Legs, I made into a dish that Marcus Wareing stood over me and started to dance a jig, you know, that friendly little jig he does when he’s amused at cooking disasters.  With a risotto, you can halt the cooking process halfway through which is very handy. This gives you leeway to make all the other things you need.

The goat’s cheese sauce was a simple roux (butter & flour) . I used a soft goats cheese. I do find goats cheese hit and miss. At least with a cheddar you get a description of it’s type be it mild, medium, mature, vintage etc. Goats cheese, you get nothing so unless you’re familiar with the cheese you have you have no idea of the pungency of it, and pungent it can be. It has a certain earthiness about it and that was what I was trying to capture with this dish. The extra earthiness was a little truffle oil added to the risotto at the end of the cooking process.

The chicken breast was simply fried in a butter olive oil mix for 4 minutes skin side down, then a few more minutes on the other side and then placed in the oven at 170C for 10 more minutes. While the chicken was in the oven I restarted the risotto process until everything was ready. I did rest the chicken for a few minutes and the juices were added to the risotto.


And earthy it was. I think the goats cheese sauce was a step too far for Carol but she’s not keen on goats cheese anyway.


I, on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed it. I had hit what I was going for which was a mouthful of forest. The chicken was juicy, The risotto, earthy and a pungency from the cheese sauce.


Marcus Wareing is now stroking his beard while inhaling a large joint and laughing, yes he’s laughing. I feel  vindicated.  Southport has a new star. Step aside Wareing, I don’t give a Tinker’s cuss anymore……. I wish.


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