Chicken and Camembert with Red Pepper Sauce


This is one dish born out of “what have I got in? Oh that needs using up, and that too.” I’m sure you’ve all done it many times. I had a Camembert in the fridge and one and a half red peppers. Now I’ve done a red pepper sauce on here before but I think the internet gremlins took that one from us in our recent theft of our blogs since November so I’ll take you through it again. First of all though is how to put Camembert inside a chicken breast.

I had two small breasts in the freezer too small to be effectively stuffed, I think you need quite big ones for stuffing so for these the way forward was to spread the chicken out as much as possible. This was done with a rolling pin and some cling film. I sliced the breast in half but not completely and butterflied it out and lay it between two sheets of cling film and twatted it. Not in any old way. No, this was constructive twatting. Twatting till I got a shape that was good for rolling up again. I then had some spinach to use too. I’ve been putting spinach in everything recently much to the chagrin of my two kids. “Dad, why is there spinach in my curry?”. “Dad, why is there spinach in my chilli?”. The bog standard reply to this is. “Well. I had some left over so I’ve got to use it up.” Works every time. So on the breasts I laid a load of spinach leaves, uncooked and on top of that a good chunk of Camembert.


I then rolled it up using the cling film to keep it tight and then wrapped it in the cling film and knotted the ends. This was to stop water getting in as I was going to cook it in gently simmering water. This is called a Ballotine . I placed it in gently simmering water for 20 minutes and let it rest after that for another 10.

This gave me time to make the sauce. I used 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic and the peppers, all sliced and then gently fried. I then put this mixture in a saucepan and added a good cup of chicken stock and blitzed the whole lot to a smooth paste with a hand blender. Now you need to reduce this down quite a bit. There is a stage when most of the liquid goes and you’re left with a nice sauce consistency that won’t separate into liquid and solid.

I sautes some par boiled new potatoes and had some mange tout too.


Not sure that the Camembert added enough flavour to this dish but it may have been a particularly mild cheese.


It may seem a bit faffy but with all things, the more you do it the easier it gets.

Now it’s time for the kid’s tea, I think I have some spinach that needs using up. Nudge nudge, wink wink. bye for now. Mugsie

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